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Welcome to the 3D Trade Fair Configurator.

Before starting your 3D configuration, you will need to enter a few details about your stand. You will then be able to apply your customisation.

If you already have a configuration, just enter your configuration ID.

For which event do you need your stand?

Please select an event at the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Center.

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How big do you want your exhibition stand to be?

Enter  the size of your stand in metres .

What type of stand do you need?

Select your stand type.

  • Aisle stand: one side open
  • Corner stand: open right and front
  • End-of-block stand: three open sides
  • Island stand: four open sides
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Basic package

If you subsequently want to configure your stand yourself, choose the Basic package.

Details: Premium Basis

Comfort package

The Comfort package already includes a number of predefined furnishings. This enables you to set up your exhibition stand quickly and confidently. You can then add further furnishings if you wish to do so.

Details: Premium Comfort